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Week 6 - Show week 1

Monday 8th February

The main purpose of today's meeting with Oliver, Alison, Rhian and Susannah was to get some feedback about the show. Before the session, we sent them the link of the video so they could watch it individually. The feedback we received in general was positive, however, it's worth mentioning some of the suggestions that were made and that we decided to include in the show. Everyone agreed on adding more sound effects, just like the water sound when the whale comes up to the surface but to the ocelot (climbing the tree for example), toucan (flapping sound when it's flying) and bee (buzzing sound). We also decided to cut down the credits to just 'created by Guildhall School MA CTPD students'.

We discussed the workshop plan that Paris and Laura put together during the weekend. They created a presentation to support the session in which they made a really good used of visuals. For example, they show photos of the animals in real life next to the puppets we made and same with their environments.

Today was important to allocate some time to prepare the workshop since tomorrow Paris and Victoria are going to do a 'dress rehearsal' with staff members of LAT and some of their children.


Tuesday 9th February

Today was our first show! Although we start with schools tomorrow, we had the opportunity to run the workshop with some staff from LAT and some of their kids today. So we spent the morning preparing and rehearsing with Rhian, Susannah, Oliver and Alison. We all pretended to be a 7-9 year-old kid joining the workshop and then gave some feedback to Paris and Victoria.

Before the show with LAT, we did a full run with both Paris and Victoria as the facilitators and made sure that the functions of Zoom were working well, such as admitting people, sharing the screen or sharing the video link in the chat.

The workshop with LAT went good. We had more people than what I expected, mainly adults and two kids from which was good to see their reaction. When we finished the workshop , we realised that we never practiced the ending so it felt a weaker. Interestingly, just like 'Remnant', we left the it until the very last minute. I think the more practice, the better is going to be. Also the rest of the sessions are going to be facilitated by one person, either Paris or Victoria for the UK schools, Manuela for Italy and I'll be the facilitator for the Mexican schools. I'm starting to feel nervous about doing four workshops but I'm aware that all I can do is prepare very well.


Wednesday 10th February

Today we ran the first three shows with schools! Victoria facilitated the one in the morning with Rebecca as the administrator. And Paris did the other two in the afternoon. I just watched two and they were so different. In the first one, we had three groups with the kids in their classroom and their teachers which I think helped to control them much easier. Because in the other one, the kids were at home and it was crazy and funny how much they were using the chat, it was also harder to help them when they were having technical issues such as turning their camera off/on or finding the link to the video. However, I think both Victoria and Paris did great! And the kids seemed to love the show and the animals!

I'm now feeling really nervous but excited at the same time. It seemed so hard to keep the kids attention but it was also great seeing their excitement, energy and awareness of environmental problems. Every story needs an audience to come to life and seeing the kids reaction today is the reason why I do this.


Thursday 11th February

We had two more workshops today and that was the end of our show week with schools in the UK! Again, they were both very different but I think they went really well. Teaching kids is hard and doing it online is a bigger challenge, but observing the workshops is helping me prepare for different scenarios and I'm also learning a lot from Victoria and Paris. I have noticed the importance of calling the kids by their name when they participate and being really clear with the instructions. Also, allowing them speak in turns to share their ideas instead of using the chat box, keeps better their attention. I'm aware that I need to practice and learn how to use Google Meet because is very different from Zoom and some changes might need to be done. Yesterday for example, I tried to use Google Meet for the first time and realised that if I share my screen I can't see any of the participants, an option could be to print everything but I still need to discuss it with the others.

When I contacted the schools in Mexico, I never imagined all the work that I would had to do. However, I've got the opportunity to take part on a more administrative role since I'm the main contact with the schools. I translated the show copy, the zoom policy, the lesson plan, the presentation for the workshop, everything to spanish because their level of english is not that good. It's been a lot more work than what I expected but knowing that the teachers are very excited about our project motivates me as well those kids that have enjoyed and learned something from it this week.


Friday 12th February

In preparation for next week's workshops with the International schools, both Italy and Mexico, the team met on Google Meet in order to practice how this platform works. I realised that I need to have a second screen in order to be able to share the presentation and see the kids at the same time, which I'll practice during the weekend. We also talked about the schedule and plan for next week.

Today, I sent the last details of the workshop to the schools. The kids will print the circle template for the main activity which will save some time that we can spend doing other activities.

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