Murmuration is an original piece of live performance in a theatre space. It explores the interaction between bodies and material. Merging elements of lights, video, projection, and music, Murmuration visually and audibly translates the different experiences of being a part of a collective.



Rotten Kid is an opera in one act inspired by a Chinese folk tale that features the creative talents of an impressive array of professionals and Guildhall students across the Music and Production Arts departments.

'A comic folk tale exploring the shadowy world between truth and lies, which becomes more and more seductive as the threat to survival looms large.'

An original piece of puppetry produced by the Guildhall Collaborative Theatre Production and Design MA 20/21 cohort in collaboration with the Little Angel Theatre.

'I Am | We Are' is a story of three animals in an interconnected world, which shows the power of each single being on our planet. Every little action can create a ripple effect leading to big change.'

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An original play produced by the Guildhall MA Collaborative Theatre Production and Design 20/21 cohort.

'Reuniting at a dinner party, an after-dinner conversation between three friends leads to revelations of self-reflection and the understanding of loss. As the evening goes on, and the alcohol flows, the discussion heats up, and words are exchanged that can never be taken back.'


An installation celebrating the Mayan wisdom and worldview.

In Mayan mythology, Xib'alb'a is the name of the underworld. The cenotes and caves had a sacred connotation for the Mayans, as they were considered the portals to the lowest level of the Universe, the underworld.



A prosthesis exploring the relationship between the body and the surrounding space.

Object-extension of the body consists of a wooden and metal mesh mask cover by transparent zip ties. The mask allows the person wearing it to see, however,  it anonymize them by not allowing their face to be seen.


A collaboration with the 'Ciarecortable' company in the design of a clown and puppet street show.

'A show designed with recycled materials which the intention of denouncing the excessive presence of plastic in daily life and its negative consequences on the environment, in order to raise awareness and promote not only recycling but also reducing its consumption.'



A collection of portraits as well as studies of the human body.
Chalk pastel on paper.
Various dimensions.